Introduction to Urinary Drug Testing

Orchid Medical, with a proven track record in providing ancillary services in Workers’ Compensation, now offers Urinary Drug Testing (UDT). We combine our renowned customer service with our preferred network’s expertise in the process and delivery of UDT. By simplifying a design in a complex workflow, we are able to increase productivity and decrease expenses. We offer all testing and re-testing at a fixed rate, which includes collection, processing and results.

Our UDT services include:

1) 35 Panel Test – This is the standard test to determine baseline and follow-ups. Includes testing for illicit as well as prescription drugs.

2) Integrity Test – This test verifies the legitimacy of the specimen. Integrity test includes Creatinine, Specific Gravity, PH and Oxidant Screening.

3) Testing for the full spectrum of illicit drugs, as well as commonly abused prescription medications.

4) Custom Testing – Physician chooses specific tests for select substances based on treatment guidelines. Custom UDT is not limited to the standard tests.

Benefits of Urinary Drug Testing

  • Determine if prescribed medications are effective in treatment
  • Monitor compliance in regards to prescribed dosage and only the prescribed medications
  • Assist physicians in identifying proper treatment plans
  • Service includes the provision of all specimen equipment, storage, collection and transport services
  • All testing conducted in a certified laboratory
  • The Chief Toxicologist had testified in over 100 cases nationally as a well qualified expert in forensic toxicology
  • Results delivered electronically within 72 hours
  • Real-time access through web portal to monitor UDT status and access lab results
  • Education provided for industry professionals on applicable Work Comp Laws, Best Practices and Accurate Coding
  • National coverage as well as 24/7 service and support

Realized Savings

Orchid Medical has always provided the best services at the lowest cost. Through extensive research, we have found various coding and pricing discrepancies in regards to UDT. In some cases, charges have exceeded $2,000 for simple tests. Our innovative approach simplifies the process, which allows us to pass the substantial savings on to our clients. At Orchid Medical, we believe a comprehensive solution for your UDT needs should be provided at a low cost. Orchid Medical offers UDT at a fixed rate, per occurrence.

“We’ll Take Care of It”



“I discussed the case with the claims examiner and it looks like the pain management doctor cut off the medication.  It appears the UDT revealed that the patient was using marijuana in violation of her pain contract.  Because of this, the Dr. stopped prescribing medications.

So, yes, please close the file. I think this is a great result of the UDT testing!”
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