Reduce Risk. Control Costs.

Injured workers suffering from pain are often prescribed opioids for treatment. Studies have shown that claim duration increases on average 100 days when are opioids are used for pain management. Long-term opioid use can be detrimental to an injured worker and your bottom line. Orchid’s urine drug testing (UDT) program monitors the use of prescribed and non-prescribed medications as well as the effectiveness and safety of drug therapies. Our program uses automated business rules to flag dangerous drug scenarios triggering a UDT regimen. The regimen identifies injured workers who are susceptible to long-term opioid addiction, medication abuse, misuse and/or diversion.

Moving Forward. Working Together.

The overriding goal of Orchid is helping injured workers get back to work and back to life quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

Improved Outcomes.

Orchid is committed to offering a comprehensive solution for your UDT needs at a low cost. Our program offers testing and retesting at a fixed national rate that includes collection, processing, application of business rules and result interpretation.

UDT Services

  • 35 Panel Test – A standard test to determine baseline and follow-ups. Tests include prescribed and non-prescribed medications and/or illicit substances.
  • Integrity Test – Verifies the legitimacy of the specimen. Tests include creatinine, specific gravity, pH, oxidant screening and specimen tampering.
  • Custom Test – Chosen by physicians for select medications and substances based on medical treatment guidelines.

Program Features

  • National collection site network
  • Automated rules expedites retesting or testing based on injury type and/or UDT results
  • Results delivered electronically within 72 hours; 90% of the results delivered in 48 hours
  • Real-time access through web portal to monitor UDT status and access lab results
  • Ability to bundle ancillary services and private label UDT program

In every step of the recovery process, we work collaboratively with claim professionals, case managers and provider partners to deliver an integrated solution that expedites positive outcomes for injured workers and savings for our clients. Contact us to learn more.