Save Time with Orchid.

As a leading provider of ancillary services, we handle all aspects of coordinating transportation and language services for injured workers so you can focus your time on other priorities. To help ensure timely service and satisfaction, we proactively manage the referral process through multiple points of contact with the injured worker and the provider. The overriding goal of Orchid is helping injured workers get back to work and back to life quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

Moving Forward. Working Together.

In every step of the recovery process, we work collaboratively with claim professionals, case managers and provider partners to deliver an integrated solution that expedites positive outcomes for injured workers and savings for our clients.

Reliable Services. Quality Focused.

Through our nationwide network credentialed providers, we offer reliable non-emergency and emergency transportation services. In addition, our extensive language network provides quality interpretation and translation services that help keep your claims moving forward.

Transportation Services

  • Nationwide network of credentialed providers
    • Advanced life support ambulance (ALS)
    • Basic life support ambulance (BLS)
    • Air ambulance
    • Wheelchair
    • Stretcher
    • Critical care
  • Ambulatory
  • Travel services (airlines and hotel)

Language Services

  • National network of ATA certified providers
    • 200+ languages
    • American Sign Language (ASL)
    • In-person interpretation
    • Telephonic interpretation
    • Translation
  • Popular languages
    • Spanish
    • Creole
    • Serbian
    • French
    • Portuguese


Transportation and language services are often accompanied by other ancillary services such as diagnostic imaging and physical therapy. Let Orchid save you time by having all of your ancillary services coordinated by us. Contact us to learn more.