Better Outcomes. In Motion.

At Orchid, we are committed to providing orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) that enable injured workers to regain mobility and get back to life. From the initial evaluation to ongoing patient education, we handle all aspects of coordinating O&P care and rehabilitation services for injured workers. The overriding goal of Orchid is helping injured workers get back to work and back to life quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

Moving Forward. Working Together.

In every step of the recovery process, we work collaboratively with claim professionals, case managers and provider partners to deliver an integrated solution that expedites positive outcomes for injured workers and savings for our clients.

Empowering Solutions.

Through our national network of board-certified O&P providers and in-house clinical team, we offer skillful service and selection in providing injured workers with the most appropriate and economical device based on their unique needs and goals.

O&P Products

  • Off-the-shelf orthotics
  • Custom orthotics
  • Upper extremity prosthetics
  • Lower extremity prosthetics
  • Ocular prosthetics
  • High-tech prosthetics
  • Bionic technology
  • Cosmetic covers

O&P Services

  • Specialist evaluation, selection and fitting
  • Adjustment, maintenance and repairs
  • Initial training and ongoing patient education


Rely on Orchid to save you valuable time and provide cost-effective solutions that keep claims moving forward and injured workers toward recovery. Contact us to learn more.