Injured workers who require long-term care such as skilled nursing, rehabilitation, chemical detox or psychiatric treatment can significantly increase claims cost. Through our long term care (LTC) program, clients are able to effectively decrease and control the cost of long term care. Our LTC specialists negotiates the entire length of stay for the injured worker and obtains a formal agreement with the provider/facility. Average savings for clients ranges 40 – 60% below fee schedule versus the industry standard of 10-20%.

Our LTC program produced savings of $3 million on an injured worker’s length of stay

Features and Benefits

  • Significant savings on future LTC bills with this added capability
  • These services, available in many states, are not subject to fee schedule limitations
  • Treatment plan and services reviewed through our cost databases to achieve savings on the per diem rate and on all other services and supplies provided by the LTC provider
  • Should the treatment plan ever change, we will review the change of services before determining whether the original agreement with the provider needs modification
  • Orchid continues to monitor monthly billings for treatment changes and appropriate billing based on agreed upon rate
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