Orchid Medical is a fully comprehensive medical service company with a nationwide network of service providers, offering a broad range of ancillary medical services.  One of which is Orchid Medical’s Surgical Cost Containment Program (SCCP) Network.

Orchid Medical represents national workers’ compensation carriers, TPAs and self-insured employers to direct care and ensure proper treatment for the patient and reimbursement to physicians.  A large part of that plan is developing a network of surgeons to participate in Orchid’s SCCP Network, which directs the billing of implants through Orchid Medical.

The SCCP program ensures that the payer is charged a fair price for the implants used in surgery. We do not disrupt the continuity of care, nor do we dictate or influence what type of implants a physician uses or where surgery takes place.

To join Orchid Medical’s SCCP Network, please complete this application and return via email to [email protected] or fax to 407.893.7363.