Established in 2002 as a medical equipment and supply company, Orchid Medical was founded on the principle of delivering quality care and solutions to the insurance industry. Today, Orchid Medical has evolved into one of the premier national medical service companies dedicated to workers’ compensation.  Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Orchid Medical offers a broad range of products and services which include DME, Physical Therapy, Diagnostic imaging, and Home Health services.

2002 – Orchid Medical, Inc. established as a regional Durable Medical Equipment provider

2003 – Orchid Medical expands Durable Medical Equipment Network Nationwide

2006 – Orchid Medical expands ancillary services to include transportation, physical therapy and imaging on a Regional level

2007 – Orchid Medical releases Orchid Medical Network Integration (OMNI) version 1

2008 – Orchid Medical expands ancillary services nationwide

2009 – Orchid Medical’s revenue grows 1,250% since 2006

2011 – Orchid Medical offers Surgical Cost Containment Program (SCCP) and releases OMNI version 2

2012 – Orchid Medical adds new Urinary Drug Testing (UDT) to suite of services

2012 – Orchid Medical acquires surgical implant business from Workers’ Implantable Network (WIN)

2013 – Orchid Medical Names Orlando Neuroradiologist Medical Director of Diagnostic Imaging Services