Orchid Medical Case Study: Complex Care Team

Case Study

Company profile

Orchid Medical is the leading medical cost-containment and ancillary solutions company serving the workers compensation industry.

  • Established in 2002 as a medical equipment and supply company, Orchid Medical was founded on the principle of delivering quality
Orchid Medical’s Compass of Care

Orchid Medical is the nation’s leading provider of Surgical Implant Cost Containment and customized solutions to the workers’ compensation industry. Our solutions enable faster, more efficient and most cost-effective claims resolution. Orchid Medical is different. We are privately-held, and focused …

Bariatric Patient Care

Bariatric Care‘Bariatric’ refers to the health care industry dedicated to the cause, prevention and treatment of obesity. Obesity is a national pandemic in America, and although it is generally not the primary medical condition or reason for the patient’s injury, it …

Bone Growth Stimulators: An Overview

Bone Growth StimulatorOne of the most misunderstood pieces of equipment we provide to patients is the Bone Growth Stimulator. In general, BGSs fall into one of two categories: Cervical/Spinal or long bone. Cervical/Spinal devices are used, as the name suggests, on the …