Orchid Medical is a Certified Diagnostic Testing Network (DTN) for New York State

Orchid Medical successfully completed the requirements to be a diagnostic testing network (DTN) as defined by New York State Workers’ Compensation Board. New York State’s Diagnostic Testing Network Regulations require diagnostic testing networks (DTNs), as well as the claim administrators that use DTNs, to file information with the Board.

A DTN is an organization, like Orchid Medical, who contracts with Board authorized medical providers who have agreed to provide diagnostic tests, such as MRIs, CAT scans, PET scans and other tests used to diagnose injury or disease. An insurance carrier, third party administrator (TPA) or self-insured employer may contract with a DTN and require that all of its injured workers use a DTN to obtain diagnostic testing.

When claim administrators (workers’ compensation insurance carriers, self-insured employers and TPA) contract with legally and properly organized diagnostic testing networks, injured workers are required to obtain diagnostic examinations and tests from medical providers affiliated with the diagnostic testing network. To determine whether an injured worker needs to use a diagnostic testing network, identify who is administering the claim. It may be a carrier, self-insured employer or a TPA.

Through our nationwide network of credentialed diagnostic facilities, Orchid Medical provides prompt turnaround in scheduling appointments and delivering exam reports. Most injured workers are scheduled within 24 hours and reports are delivered within 48 hours of service completion. We utilize a cutting-edge provider ranking system to ensure high-performing diagnostic providers are selected based on location and specific case needs. Click here, to learn more about our diagnostic services or contact us at [email protected].