Complimentary CE Webinar: A Glimpse into Pandemic Claims

We’re excited to co-sponsor a complimentary webinar hosted by WorkCompCentral on Thursday, June 18th that offers a glimpse into the legal aspects that challenge stakeholders in the Texas workers’ compensation system and claims handling during the COVID-19 pandemic. The webinar format is a panel discussion that uses real-life scenarios, conversations and exchanges from three different perspectives to provide you a look into the daily issues of real workers’ compensation professionals and the ethical dilemmas they face on a daily basis. To register for this complimentary webinar, please visit:

If you need any registration assistance, please contact WorkCompCentral support team from 8:00AM-5:00PM PST at [email protected]  or call 805.484.0333 Ext. 3

For the complete overview of the webinar, please see below.


Our panel discussion offers an extensive look into the legal aspects from three different perspectives that challenge stakeholders in workers’ compensation and claims handling during the COVID-19 pandemic. The session is brought to you by WorkCompCentral and focuses on live conversations and exchanges giving the audience a glimpse into the daily life of real workers’ compensation professionals and the real-life ethical dilemmas they face on a daily basis.  

First, we will consider how decision-makers make strategic decisions to accept or deny claims considering their particular stakeholders, whether they adopt a traditional or claim advocacy model, and now whether and under what circumstances they lay off or furlough employees? The panel will discuss briefly how this may impact premiums and ancillary services within the workers’ compensation industry. 

Next, our panel will discuss situations at some employer facilities where a large percentage of workers are getting sick but the employees are considered essential and an order from the President of the United States requires the business to stay open putting workers and their families at a greater risk. Some employees quit. Some file claims. Some are furloughed. Now that they are out of work, some file workers’ compensation claims for injuries that may or may not have occurred while they were on the job. Our panel will review a variety of the issues workers’ compensation professionals are faced with during these kinds of situations and how they make ethical decisions after weighing all the factors. 

Finally, we talk to a claims manager of a front-line adjuster working from home. The adjuster worries about her job, manages her children at home and also serves as a teacher to her ten-year-old twins, all while talking to injured workers who claim they contracted the COVID-19 virus at work but have little proof that is where exposure occurred. She considers the impact it will have on her employer, a medium-sized insurance company, teetering on the edge and facing closing their business if they have to pay for pandemic claims. How does she make the right disability decision based on the law but also considering the injured worker’s situation? Our claims manager will discuss his concern of the level of stress impacting his front-line adjusters, their health and their ability to work and care for their families.

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of the course, the participant will:

  • Understand the duties and application of good faith and fair dealing pursuant to the Texas Insurance Code Sect 541 and 542 from a legal perspective
  • Know the benefits of applying best-practice standards regarding communication with the injured worker and employer
  • Understand the different practical duties of an insured to an insurance contract, insured with a high deductible, and an insured who is a certified self-insured
  • Distinguish between the legal and practical duties of an insurance carrier and a third-party administrator


Stuart Colburn (Moderator) – Downs Stanford, P.C.
Melissa Steger – University of Texas System
Robert Mikesh – Texas Association of School Boards
Ronda Hammond – Ascension Health