The Feeling of Home

Home is not a place; it is a feeling. At Orchid, we pride ourselves on our superior ability to turn an injured worker’s house back into the home they knew before their injury.  Through our nationwide network of credentialed contractors and providers, we offer temporary and permanent modification solutions for injured workers, designed to restore the highest level of independence following a debilitating injury. Our care coordinators work closely with our internal clinical team of certified Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP), registered nurse (RN), Certified Home Assessment and Modification Professionals (CHAMP) to coordinate modifications based on the injured worker’s needs and requirements.

The injured worker’s care extends far beyond the Orchid in-house team. For every modification case, a team of construction and rehabilitation experts are appointed and work in cohesion with our CHAMP and CAPS certified team members. The CHAMP certification is the only certification designed specifically for home modifications within the workers’ compensation industry. Our CHAMP staff have an extensive working knowledge of the guidelines, protocols and principles that govern home modification projects for the injured worker.

Orchid uses only licensed bonded and insured contractors, reducing liability and ensuring quality. We ensure that all suggested modifications are medically necessary for the injured worker and fairly priced. To ensure accuracy and satisfaction with the modifications, Orchid facilitates live video assessments with the injured worker, care giver, contractor and claims professionals. These assessments aid in providing accurate and timely progress reports throughout the project, ensuring each step goes according to plan. At the conclusion of the project, an injured worker satisfaction review is done to finalize quality assurance and usability.

Equal care and professionalism are applied to Orchid’s vehicle modification process. Assessments to the car and driver are performed by a driver rehabilitation specialist to identify the injured worker’s unique needs and ability to safely operate a vehicle. As part of the physical clinical evaluation, a driver rehabilitation specialist conducts a visual, perceptive and cognitive screening of the injured worker to ensure physical capabilities. A wheelchair and seating assessment are made to determine the unique requirements for the injured worker’s modified vehicle. A driving assessment is then conducted by the driving rehab specialist, with adaptive equipment to qualify the injured worker for modified vehicle operation. Once the injured worker passes these assessments, a total fitting and operational assessment of the vehicle is performed and modifications applied.

Throughout the entire process, our specialized team oversees operations to assure modifications are medically appropriate, cost-effective and meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) guidelines. Orchid believes that life begins at home; let us help you turn your house back into a home.