Orchid Medical Announces Second Generation of OMNI®

Enhanced OMNI allows fully customizable user interface and reporting

ORLANDO, Fla. (August 11, 2019) Orchid Medical (Orchid), one of the leading providers of ancillary medical management solutions in the workers’ compensation industry, today announced the second generation of its proprietary technology software, Orchid Medical Network Integration® (OMNI).

“OMNI benefits our client partners by providing easy-to-use technology that allows adjusters to have real-time visibility into their referrals and performance reporting,” said Brian Carwile founder and CEO of Orchid. “We will continue to invest in technology that enhances workflows and increases productivity for our clients.”

 The second generation of OMNI was enhanced with the latest .Net technologies available. The OMNI system incorporates claims processing, billing and reporting built specifically with the purpose of scalability and increased utilization.  It features a client-facing portal with an ability to run customized reports and “Dashlets” that provide a systemic view of productivity. Users are able to set their preferences for communication and manage alerts, including when and how an adjuster would like to be contacted. The availability of these convenient, online tools reduces touch points for adjusters and increases efficiency in managing numerous claims.

OMNI was designed with security as its primary feature providing assurance that data is safeguarded. Orchid has tailored the users’ experience and permissions to limit datasets based on their specific roles to minimize any exposure to risks.

“OMNI not only protects our clients’ data, it serves their specific needs through simple configuration of the system that integrates easily with our clients’ technology infrastructures,” said Oliver Ostlander, Orchid’s chief information officer.

To learn more about OMNI, visit Orchid’s booth #803 at the 74th Annual Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference at the Orlando World Center Marriott now through August, 14.

About Orchid Medical

Orchid Medical (Orchid) is a leading, nationwide provider of integrated ancillary and surgical cost containment solutions for the workers’ compensation industry. Orchid works collaboratively with claims professionals and medical providers to cost-effectively manage and deliver the appropriate care and services injured workers need to recover. The company’s medical management solutions include Surgical Cost Containment Program® (SCCP); DME and supplies; orthotics and prosthetics; home health and complex care; home and vehicle modifications; diagnostic imaging; physical medicine; and transportation and language services. For more information, visit www.ORCHIDmedical.com.