Prosthetic ASSESS™ Achieves $60,000 in Savings

With the advances in myoelectric and functional devices, the price of prosthetics has risen dramatically over the last 10 years. In response, Orchid developed a specialized program with a primary focus on prosthetics, Prosthetic ASSESS™ .  Our interdisciplinary O&P care team comprised of certified Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP), registered nurse (RN), and physical therapy assistants (PTA) work closely with our staff board-certified prosthetist to review and assess prosthetic referrals to help ensure the medical appropriateness of the device given the injured worker’s activity level, functionality, safety, level of recovery and the cost. This program has achieved increased savings for our clients and has eliminated unnecessary costs. In fact, Orchid recently saved a client $60,000 on a myoelectric limb.

Our O&P care team was managing a prosthetic case in California (CA) where the injured worker had gone to RIC (Rehab Institute of Chicago) for a targeted muscle reinnervation (TMR) surgery. This procedure is completed when a patient loses almost their entire arm and they have very limited muscle tone in the residual limb to activate the sensors on a myoelectric limb. TMR surgery takes nerves that previously controlled the elbow, wrist and hand and integrates them into muscle from the shoulder. This allows the patient to control the prosthetic device safely and efficiently.

The physiatrist at RIC recommended a fully electric myo-device for the injured worker that would have cost $180,000. In working closely with the top Upper Extremity (UE) specialists at Hanger Clinic in CA, our O&P care team determined the injured worker would be better suited with a hybrid device; one that had a body-powered arm with a myoelectric hand. This resulted in a $60,000 savings to the client. In addition, it motivated the injured worker to participate and be compliant in his rehabilitation efforts so that one day he could advance to the myoelectric arm portion.