Introducing Prosthetic ASSESS™

Orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) management can be challenging for claims professionals and payers. Traditionally, management and reimbursement of O&P falls under durable medical equipment (DME), but unlike ordering DME products such as crutches or wheelchairs, the management of O&P services is complex. Not only does O&P management require clinical expertise, specialized patient care and high customization, it involves partnering O&P providers, varying levels of care, and hidden costs.

At Orchid, we are committed to providing orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) that enable injured workers to regain mobility and get back to life. From the initial evaluation to ongoing patient education, we reduce the touch points for the claims professional by handling all aspects of coordinating O&P care and rehabilitation services for injured workers. Through our national network of board-certified O&P providers and our in-house clinical team, we offer skillful service and selection in providing injured workers with the most appropriate and economical device based on their unique needs and goals. For more than 15 years, Orchid has worked with the nation’s leading O&P manufacturers and clinicians developing strategic partnerships.

With the advances in myoelectric and functional devices, the price of prosthetics has risen dramatically over the last 10 years. In response, Orchid developed and implemented a program with a primary focus on prosthetics, Prosthetic ASSESS™. Our O&P care team comprised of certified Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP), registered nurse (RN), and physical therapy assistants (PTA) work closely with our board-certified prosthetist along with an advisory board of industry-renowned prosthetists to review and assess prosthetic referrals to help ensure the medical appropriateness of the device given the patient’s activity level, functionality, safety, level of recovery and the cost.

Features of our Prosthetic ASSESS™ program include the following:

  • Clinical oversight by an American Board For Certification (ABC) Certified, licensed Prosthetist
  • Clinical review for medical appropriateness of devices 
  • Various device options available to meet the injured worker’s needs
  • Life Care Plans to include replacement and cost timelines as well as warranty options
  • Specialized device training and therapy for injured workers specific to prosthetics
  • Peer support groups for injured workers struggling with amputations
  • Product demonstrations and on-going education
  • Miscellaneous code “hidden fees” review

Our Prosthetic ASSESS™ program has achieved increased savings for our clients and has eliminated unnecessary costs. In fact, we recently helped one of our clients save $60,000 on a myoelectric limb.