ORCHID Wellness Connection

While we work in the health care industry and understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle it is easy to fall short of incorporating healthy habits into our day-to-day routines. On average employees spend 3,000 hours per year at work. It is important for employees to have a supportive company that takes action in helping to promote a healthy culture in which a wellness program and employees can thrive.

As a growing company, we are committed to ensuring our employees are well-equipped to take control of their health and well-being. At the end of 2017, we launched the company’s first wellness newsletter, ORCHID Wellness Connection, filled with insightful articles on health, fitness and work/life balance along with tips and tools that employees could put into action right away. At the start of 2018, we empowered employees to set goals for themselves and share them with their colleagues in light of New Year’s resolution trends. In February for American Heart Month, we launched a pilot program titled Heart Health Team Walking Challenge. This challenge encompassed multiple components involving remote and home-office employees forming teams and tracking their steps over the course of each week. Throughout the 28-day challenge, employees were encouraged to walk during breaks, take the stairs and they were recognized for their efforts.  We had a 60% participation rate and an 86% retention rate for this program.

In March, we completed a second pilot program for National Nutrition Month® titled Brown Bag Series promoting healthy eating while at work. Our goal is to create a new initiative each month to keep employees active and engaged. With high hopes for the remainder of 2018, we look forward to diving deeper into workplace wellness including conducting needs assessments, exploring mental health, tobacco cessation and wellness perks. We understand that healthier employees are happier employees and we care about our Orchid Team.