Orchid Prepares for Hurricane Matthew

Orchid is actively monitoring the continued path of Hurricane Matthew and is taking actions to prepare for the storm making landfall. Hurricane Matthew is predicted to significantly impact Florida and the southeastern coastline. Our priorities are the safety of our employees and infrastructure, and meeting the needs of our clients and injured workers. Orchid will remain open as long as conditions are safe for our employees. In the event that we must close, we will have on-call, remote agents to assist clients and injured workers. However, there is a strong potential for power outages throughout central Florida. Therefore, clients may experience delays in service due to power outages.

Orchid is taking the following actions to prepare for possible service outages:

  • Designated on-call agents to assist injured workers and clients in the event of office closure.
  • DME orders scheduled for delivery during the storm will be verified as delivered or confirmed as non-urgent. For non-urgent supplies, delivery will be rescheduled.
  • Services such as diagnostic imaging and physical therapy that may be non-essential will be rescheduled at a later date.
  • Injured workers with transportation or translation appointments will be rescheduled for after the storm has subsided.
  • We will monitor home health services to help ensure that necessary care is provided throughout the storm.

For clients and injured workers located in areas of the storm’s path, we hope that you remain safe.