Surgery Pre-Negotiations

SCCP Pre-NegotiationsOne of the new services we have integrated into our Surgery Cost Containment Program (SCCP) is Pre-Negotiation. This service authorizes Orchid Medical to negotiate a rate for the entire surgery, not just implants. The purpose of the service is to bring the cost of the surgery in below the contracted rate the payer already has with the facility or in situations where the payer does not have a contract, negotiate a rate.

This additional approach makes Orchid Medical the only provider in Workers Compensation that offers a truly comprehensive approach to Surgical Cost Savings. By adding this aspect to our already successful Prospective (Implant Carve-Out) and Retrospective Review (Post-Surgery Negotiation) approaches, this allows the most opportunities for our Clients to save money on their surgery expenses.

Orchid Medical

Founded in 2002, Orlando-based Orchid Medical is a one-stop comprehensive medical service company serving the workers’ compensation industry. Dedicated to efficiency and quality care solutions that expedite successful outcomes for injured workers, it offers a nationwide network of service providers for insurance carriers, self-insured employers and TPAs ancillary medical services including DME, Orthotics & Prosthetics, Home Health Care, Diagnostic Imaging and Physical Therapy.