Featured Service: Surgical Cost Containment Program

QTR 1 2015 SCCP PicOrchid Medical’s Quarter 1 Featured service of 2015 is our Surgical Cost Containment Program. Orchid Medical has developed a program to contain the cost of surgical implants and biologics in Workers’ Compensation.  The Surgical Cost Containment Program® (SCCP) utilizes our existing network of surgical implant manufacturers and medical staff to procure surgical implants at a reduced price using two distinct methods:

Prospective – Orchid Medical is notified prior to a scheduled surgery with no interruption of care to procure the surgical implants necessary at a reduced price.  This method prevents a surgical facility from bundling and/or marking-up the implants used in a surgery thus greatly reducing the total cost of a surgery.  Typically, surgery centers and hospitals mark-up implantable devices 300% – 400%. This method has no out of pocket fees without using an implant formulary that limit the physician’s choice.

Retrospective – This method occurs post-surgery once a bill is subject to Medical Bill Review (MBR).  The retrospective review utilizes medical staff and leverages our existing implant manufacturing contracts to negotiate a reduced cost for implants used in surgery.  This model can be implemented in MBR (if needed) as a part of the review process.