Cold Therapy: Information on the Game Ready Unit

GameReadyWhat is Game Ready?

A system that features a microprocessor-enabled, portable Control Unit that allows you to regulate pneumatic (air) pressure and time settings with just the push of several buttons, while enabling you to adjust temperature with just the twist of a dial. Treatment sessions can be customized based on patient needs.

How Does Game Ready Work?

Game Ready combines the two most difficult to manage aspects of the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) regimen by offering adjustable cold and intermittent compression in one easy to use system.

Why use Game Ready Wraps?

Dual-Action Construction: Dual-Action Wraps feature two separate internal chambers, one for air and another for water. This unique design enables simultaneous adjustable compression and fluid circulation technology.

Circumferential Application:. Flexible fabric Wraps surround the affected area for good coverage and a customized fit.

Comfort and Convenience: Customized wrap fit and adjustable control unit settings including pressure, temperature and treatment time promote greater comfort and ease-of-use.

Care and Storage: Clean with a soft cloth and mild detergent.

Who uses Game Ready?

•  Athletes & Active People
•  Surgical Patients
•  Medical Professionals

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