Catastrophic Care Team


Orchid Medical recently made some changes in our Operations department for the purpose of catering to the needs of catastrophic patients. Not all of these patients are permanently and totally disabled, but the medical needs are specialized, requiring special attention on our part. These include Home Health Care, Wound Care, Complex Rehab Equipment and Home Modifications.

Now in addition to our DME, Surgical Implants, and Services Care Coordinator teams we have the newly formed Catastrophic Care Team. The Team Leader of the Catastrophic Team is David Bedard, who some of you may remember when he was with us a couple years ago. David is an ATP certified technician with over 20 years of clinical experience evaluating and providing patients with Complex Rehab Equipment.

The other members of David’s team are Crystal Franklin with seven years’ experience with complex rehab and home health care. She is also a licensed all-lines adjuster. As well as, Jessica Nea with three years’ experience in Home Health Care and clinical experience in a PT facility.

The addition of this specialized team will ensure the attention to detail that is required for Catastrophic Care. This is yet another example of an additional layer of expertise that Orchid Medical can provide to our clients and their injured workers. Orchid Medical’s goal is to make sure that every interaction we have with you is positive, seamless, and professional.

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Founded in 2002, Orlando-based Orchid Medical is a one-stop comprehensive medical service company serving the workers’ compensation industry. Dedicated to efficiency and quality care solutions that expedite successful outcomes for injured workers, it offers a nationwide network of service providers for insurance carriers, self-insured employers and TPAs ancillary medical services including DME, Orthotics & Prosthetics, Home Health Care, Diagnostic Imaging and Physical Therapy.


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