Our Expertise: Myoelectric prosthetics

MyoelectricIn recent years, functional prosthetics have eschewed the silicone prosthetics of days passed. Now there are myoelectric devices that react to the movements created by muscles in a patient’s residual limb. Hence the term “myo (muscle) electric.” Sensors in the prosthetic’s socket capture the movements of the residual limb and are translated into movements by the prosthetic.

In 2007, Orchid Medical was the first company to provide the revolutionary iLimb by Touch Bionics to a workers’ compensation patient in the United States. We also just helped a patient in New York with a pair of X3 prosthetic legs from OttoBock. These are military-grade legs that are water proof and each can support up to 300 lbs.!

Myoelectric prosthetics like this usually last between 3‐6 years and are very durable.

Unlike the older silicone models, these prosthetics consist of many components. The advantage being that if a component breaks, you can just replace that one piece, not the whole prosthetic. Think of it as getting a flat tire on your car. You wouldn’t replace the whole car.

Though these types of claims are rare, they can be particularly costly and challenging to manage. We are passionate about bringing innovative, yet cost effective, prosthetics to the market that will help injured workers retain their quality of life after an amputation. Orchid Medical offers skillful service and selection through hundreds of board-certified professionals in all 50 states.


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