Home Health Care: The Future

HomeHealthNewsAs insurance companies and the healthcare system look at ways to decrease the overall cost of healthcare, there is a big push for treatment to be done in the home of the patient. Studies indicate that the recently enacted Affordable Care Act will create as many as 600,000 healthcare related jobs in our country. It is expected that a large portion of those jobs will be based on providing long term care for patients in their own homes. In 2011, the average hospital stay was $3,949.00 per day. Ten years prior, it was less than half of that.

Home Healthcare services, both skilled and un-skilled, can provide the comparable care for patients that may otherwise linger in a hospital for observational or non-critical reasons. It is also considerably cheaper to provide the care at home than to keep the patient in the hospital. As the Workers Compensation industry has always been a leader in the cost-savings area, we should expect growth for this service within the coming years.

Orchid Medical

Founded in 2002, Orlando-based Orchid Medical is a one-stop comprehensive medical service company serving the workers’ compensation industry. Dedicated to efficiency and quality care solutions that expedite successful outcomes for injured workers, it offers a nationwide network of service providers for insurance carriers, self-insured employers and TPAs ancillary medical services including DME, Orthotics & Prosthetics, Home Health Care, Diagnostic Imaging and Physical Therapy.


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