Depression: How Well Do You Recognize it in Your Patients?

Orchid Medical offers Continuing Education credit for a course on Depression in Injured Workers. The purpose of the CEU is to properly identify claimants that may be at risk of depression as it can exacerbate the length and cost of claims. Depression is second only to obesity as the largest cost driver as a comorbidity. Properly identifying and treating it can lower the overall cost of the claims and lessen the length of them as well.

One of the best ways to identify depression is through the use of a triage nurse during the early stages of a claim. Case Management can be implemented to focus on the reduction of depression. One in eight American workers have been diagnosed with depression. Part-time workers are 50% more likely to be depressed. The course also addresses the importance of distinguishing between post-injury depression and ‘original’ harm, such as that caused by a hostile work environment. These two types require different treatments.

The better news is that a great deal of that depression is preventable; reassuring a newly injured claimant who is statistically likely to experience depression that the employer will not penalize that person for pursuing workers’ compensation benefits and will take specific action to return him or her to work as quickly as possible should help alleviate the depression and the related expenses. To learn more about all of our CEU course offerings and how to schedule one at your office, visit http://localhost/contact/continuing-education/.

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