Orchid Medical QTR 2 2014 Feature: Post-Op Equipment

Orchid Medical’s Quarter 2 Featured product or service of 2014 is Post-Op Equipment. Orchid Medical is proud to provide our customers with the highest quality and largest selection of medical products available. Post Op Recovery equipment includes:

  • Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) Machines
  • Hot/Cold Therapy units
  • Game Ready/Thermotek units
  • Custom bracing

Patients are generally prescribed these types of devices for post-op recovery. We have a network of local and nationwide providers for these devices. We will request authorization of the equipment, specifying the codes, equipment description and duration or rental. Once the adjuster provides authorization, we will place the order. We will then keep the adjuster updated as to the provision of the equipment and then monitor the rental. If a rental extension is requested, we will request authorization from the adjuster and provide the necessary documentation (prescriptions).

From surgery to recovery, Orchid Medical also delivers peace of mind, because you can be confident that your referral is being handled immediately and your injured worker is being treated with compassion. Check out our Post-Op Equipment flyer here.

Orchid Medical

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