Orchid Medical Case Study: Durable Medical Equipment

Business situation

One of our clients has a catastrophic patient that was in need of a customized power wheelchair. The patient in this case was a paraplegic and the chair he needed was a Complex-Rehab Power Wheelchair that required the proper evaluation by an ATP technician.

Technical situation

Any time custom equipment is needed there is a significant increase in the cost of that item due to production time to design and extensive modifications. This patient had a catastrophic injury that required extensive care, which can become particularly costly and challenging to manage. It may become essential to compare pricing with several different companies in order to find the best solution for the client and their injured worker. Our client had already received a quote from one of our competitors and it was for approximately $41,000.


Power wheelchairs are considered one of our Mobility products that we provide on a frequent basis. Our concern is not only for the patient receiving the equipment, but providing cost-savings for our client by ensuring the best possible price on any particular item requested. Due to our nationwide network of providers, we are able to cross-reference the most competitive prices on any given item and provide the most cost-effective option to our client.

In this case, our on-staff ATP technician reviewed the needs assessment and determined that we should be able to provide the same exact chair for much less. We had our local provider, also an ATP certified technician, evaluate the patient and determine that the original chair quoted by our competition was medically appropriate. The difference, however, would be in the price. We were able to offer the exact same complex-rehab power wheelchair to our client for $28,000. Orchid Medical was able to provide savings of over $13,000 (30% cost-savings) without any sacrifice in quality of product or service.

DME Case Study


Orchid Medical was proudly able to provide our client with the highest quality and largest selection of medical products available. We, at Orchid Medical, don’t believe that Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is a commodity based business. You can measure the savings we provide through our competitively priced products, reliable schedule of delivery, and patient satisfaction. The injured worker in this case was actually more comfortable in the newly provided chair as well. Our ATP certified staff was able to determine the correct option to fulfill all his needs, while providing cost-savings and not sacrificing quality. Orchid Medical’s knowledgeable Care Coordinators were dedicated to assisting the injured worker with all of his detailed durable medical needs – using proven DME formularies to offer alternative products that yielded greater savings for the client at every opportunity.

Products and services Orchid Medical used

  • Client-specific Care Coordinator Team
  • Dedicated Account Service Manager
  • Ease of making a referral
  • Immediate response to quotes and DME questions
  • Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Self-managed files through OMNI
  • ATP certified staff

For more information about Orchid Medical’s broad range of ancillary medical services and surgical implant savings program, contact us at refe[email protected] or 866.888.6724.

The case study presented above is intended solely for the purpose of providing general information about the Orchid Medical Durable Medical Equipment program. It is not intended to give or replace any medical advice with respect to any specific patient. Risk factors, cooperation and results may vary from case to case. A clinical approach such as the one described above should never be attempted without the medical advice of a physician responsible for independently evaluating the specific patient’s medical history.

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